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Golden Shield Pepper Gas Spray TH-777
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Golden Shield Pepper Gas Spray TH-777

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SKU: TH-777_001
Weight: 500 grams
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Brand: Golden Shield Security Products Enterprise
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TH-777 Pepper Spray Gun (160cc)

The TH-777 Pepper Spray Gun is the ultimate defense system against attackers, muggers and other wild/aggressive attacks. Our new Pepper Spray Gun uses the same formulation that police use, and has unbeatable stopping power. This is one of the most reliable and high performance products available. The nozzle used produces up to ten times the velocity compared to other sprays. Therefore, you get up to ten times the stopping power. Ideal for people looking to get the maximum amount of security from OC pepper spray. 160cc. Simply fires the pepper spray with the trigger and it will deliver 10- 12 blasts up to 15 feet.


【 Specifications 】

Dimensions:215 mm x140 mm x 45 mm
Net weight: 175 g.; Weight: 682g (including battery, pepper spray )
Delivery system : 160cc environmental friendly West Germany BCF (Halon 1211 + 1301) (replaceable )
Shelf life: 36 months
Effective Ranger: 10-15 feet
Locking mechanism: uses a push side of the pistol side plate behind the trigger.
Alarm: 130 dB
【Package Contents 】

⊕ Pepper Gas Gun x 1
⊕160cc OC pepper spray canister x 0
⊕ User menu

Our Pepper Spray uses the same formulation that police use




Protector - Personal Security c/w Safe-lock, easy to carry. This OC pepper spray is the perfect defense against attackers or intruders at home or place of business.  Easy to conceal on your person or can be purchased with a belt clip holster.



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